PRS AGRI FARM formally started operation in July 2015 at promoters owned land 0f 15 acres near Dindigul. This farm was engaged in milk production and were producing 1000 Litre milk per day.

We are solely focusing on procuring, breeding and supplying of High Yield Milking cow Like Holstein Friesian and Jersey Cow to our customers in Tamilnadu and Kerala. We follow proper cattle breeding practice. We also provide dairy farm consulting services.

We are one of the major supplier of HF and Jersey crossbreed Milking cow and Buffalo and also we are focusing Heifers and calf selling. Raw Milk Bulk supply.

We are using Hydroponic Technology system for Green Fodder to our farm cow 50 Nos , which is producing 750kg/day in the area of 1500 Sq.feet. So our Milking cows and Heifers are Healthy also produce good quality of Milk and FAT & SNF results are very satisfied.


Our farm is genuine and supply good and best quality of cow and Heifers.

Our Technology share to aspiring dairy farmers to be successful

Our cow selling procedure is entirely different from others, cow price and details displayed in the photo gallery. 

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